Most beautiful archipelago and nature


Open 10:00-20:00

Call +358 400 516541 if you arrive later.


Included in the marina fee:
Sauna and shower at Big Sauna nro. 2
Waste disposal, compost

Electricity by the new jetty and the big boats jetty


Water depth
Anchoring prohibition


Big sauna 2.


5-6 pm (women)
6-7 pm (men)


Big sauna 2.
after 8 pm, 1h/20€


Small sauna 1.
reservation sauna 1h/20€

BISTRO Stiljte

Open every day from 10 to 20

Tel. +35824655173

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Nature trail
The old pilot cottage
Eva’s museum





Welcome to Gullkrona, here we cherish the environment.
The harbour master’s directions need to be followed.
The guest harbour consists of three jetties, the harbour booth is at the boat house. There is electricity at the pontoon jetty. The harbour fee sticker is to be fastened on the boat nearest the jetty.
The overnight stay enda at 2 pm.
Only buoying is accepted, no side buoying accepted.
Mooring at your own risk.
Extra caution is to be taken while mooring, leaving and at the jetty.
The harbour doesn’t take responsibility for damage caused by storm.
Common locations, such as saunas and toilets ned to be taken well care of.
Pets must be on a leash at all timmes.
Lighting fires is prohibited. Barbequing is only allowed at the bbq place.
Smoking is only allowed by the harbour booth, please use the ash trays. Cigarette butts may not be thrown in nature or in the bins.
The waste disposal is by the ferry harbour, next to the Roska Roope flag. We expect you to separate your waste. Septic tank emptying is to be done by the big septic tank only.
Camping is allowed by the personnel only and on specified location.
Silence prevails in the harbour is from 11 pm-07 am.
All visitors move about at their own risk.


Safety note


Cooordinates: N 60˚05´16.4        E022˚05”00.1”
Emergency number: 112
Address: Gullkrona, 21650 Lillandet
Rescue device are to be found on the jetties and by the harbour booth.
In case of emergency, use the foghorn, call the harbour booth and/or the emergency number.
First aid equipment and a medicine cabinet are situated by the harbour booth.
Harbour booth phone: + 358 400 516541



Phone +358400516 541
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The Gullkrona Staff wishes you a warm welcome!

We reserve the right to change prices.